Raycon (Pty) Ltd has had a long and successful relationship with Down To Earth Architects – Bruce Dickson.

We have worked together on more than 100 projects over the past 15 years, from Individual Houses to Secure Housing Estates.

Down to Earth Architects has designed two housing Estates for us, one of 24 individual houses of different Architectural designs and an Estate of 40 houses all with a similar exterior look but completely different inside to accommodate the client’s needs and wishes. Over the years Bruce has designed individual homes for our Clients ranging from R1 800 000.00 for functional yet stylish starter homes, to luxury homes of an upmarket nature from R10 million.

Down to Earth Architects keep up with the latest trends in the building world and are ready to assist with designing your dream home once you have given them your “bucket list”.

Building a new home is very stressful for the Client, working with a personable designer such as Bruce Dickson makes all the difference, he is a pleasure to work with and is willing to discuss any problems or queries you may have regarding the design of your new dream home and come up with solutions that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing. We would highly recommend using Down To Earth Architects on any project, no matter what your budget, he will accommodate you – from basic starter homes, which can later be added on to, to spectacular luxury homes which include all the latest home innovations.