Ivecon Projects, as a construction company, get to work with many architects. The quality of information conveyed to us through the working drawings created by the architect is the most critical product any architect will create, thus ensuring that the client’s vision is captured, and accurately built by us. Ivecon Projects have worked on numerous projects with Bruce Dickson and his team at DOWN to Earth Architects, and we have frequently commended Bruce and his team for the quality product that they provide. The plans are easy to use, easily interpreted, and carry the correct detail where needed.

Each architect will have their own style and flair. DOWN to Earth Architects stand out against the rest with the ability to bring their design style and marry it successfully with the client’s taste. We have been amazed at the flexibility of Bruce’s ability to successfully design various styles, including Classic Country, French Provence, Modern Country, through to Ultra-Modern.

DOWN to Earth Architects also provide regular on-site inspections, ensuring that the vision is accurately constructed. Where assistance is needed, Bruce is always available, and provides the necessary information timeously. Where disputes may arise, Bruce offer fair, unbiased adjudication, often resulting in a solution that is beneficial and cost effective to all parties concerned.

Ivecon Projects would highly recommend DOWN to Earth Architects for any of your design needs.